Dolphin Days Results

Bryson Hills, Prowess, 34.1
Tie: Steve Layton, Painkiller, 30.7
Jeff Minchew, In Too Deep, 30.7
Brian King, Glory Days, 28.5

JJ Goff, Simplicity, 52.3
Shawn Siman, Fin Allie, 38.7

Billfish Division:
Prowess, Blue Marlin (Bryson Hills); Sailfish (Fran Gluski)
Fin Allie, Sailfish (William Dotterer); Sailfish (Shawn Siman)

Male Angler: JJ Goff, Simplicity
Female Angler: Bryson Hills, Prowess

No Tuna or Kings were weighed in
results can also be seen at or Janell will have pix up soon.

Next tournament: Summer Oceanic- June 18th. Captains meeting June 16th at Guy Harvey’s Island Grill (Mt Pleasant)

Year-end points (preliminary) Top 5 are as follows:
Boat: Fin Allie, 285; Prowess, 275; Glory Days, 235; Tie- Sadie Beth, Wired Up, & Simplicity, 225

Angler: Bryson Hills, 250; Tie- John Friend, JJ Goff, & Randy Donaldson, 200; Fran Gulski & David Sage, 180

Pictures are now posted on

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