Dolphin on a fly!!!!!!!

Just wanted to post this, ready for this season!!! This was last year on a new fly set up on STRETCHED OUT!!! GETTEM BARON!!! A few nice jumps towards the end!!!

Need floors?? Just ask!!!

Thats really cool my buddy catches sails on the fly all the time never thought about targetting dolphin with them.

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Awesome, with all the new, smaller, tougher, cheaper cameras on the market this year, I hope we get to see all kinds of videos this year! Keep it up!

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cant wait to get back out there. i got the itch.
nice video, i bet it was exciting on the fly. last year while bottom bumping we had a few small school of peanuts come up and swim by and we were picking them off. it was a blast!

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One of my “bucket list” goals for this year.

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What type of camera?

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Its a flip video!! Its really small like cell phone. Really handy for the boat. like $200.00 bucks!!

Need floors?? Just ask!!!

what kind of fly reel was that?

17" War Eagle 25 Mercury
17" Boston Whaler Montauk 90 yamaha

Its a zebco…

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scfisherman- its a Galvan reel

strip…strip…FISH ON!

nice video… like the fly setup… i am also hoping to see a lot more video now that has these cheap with h20 proof housings.
i use my flip for scuba…the ikelite case wasn’t cheap but it does a great job. and its small… if you want to check out the scuba videoswith a flip ultra, go here :

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