Don’t let this happen to you. Fishing report from last Monday in Cape Romaine.

I got out-fished by my wife and it stung a bit.

We went to The Price Creek / Capers area last Monday fully expecting the trout bite to be on. Sewee Outpost was out of mud minnows and we were planning to target Trout on flats with popping corks. Instead, we switched gears and started out with soft plastics.

My wife had a 1/4 oz lead jig head with a 3inch “Purple Death” Z Man soft plastic. I was rigged weedless with a 3/16 oz bullet weight with Z Man “The Deal”

She was getting bit fairly regular on oyster banks and kept telling me I needed to change colors. I honestly thought she was just feeling the bottom…until I didn’t.
I switched over to “Purple Death” too.

Turns out I was wrong. She caught three flounder and what I thought was a whiting at first but it was drumming and I got cut on it’s gill plates so maybe someone can identify it for me as I’m new to salt water species.

Anyway, the bite was slow. I got hooked up with a nice flounder but lost it about halfway to the boat.

The video is linked above. I hope it works.


croaker without even seeing it is my guess

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Mine does that to me all the time. But when she gets me about 3 to 1. I quit being nice and make her net and take her own fish off. haha

Several years ago my wife hooked up on a big 30 + pound dolphin. I forgot to take the cap off the gaff. And lost fish. To this day she says I did it on purpose.

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Hahaha. That’s funny!

My wife always out fishes me, but it’s only because I have to bait her hook, unhook and handle the release, dodge her casts.

LOL @ dodge her casts…

My wife loves to be on the boat but, I can count on one hand the number of times she has actually fished. She did catch a really nice trigger fish one year in Florida. I wouldn’t mind my wife out fishing me, at least it would mean we’re actually fishing.

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Don’t take it so hard man. When my better half out fishes me, which happens on occasion, I take it as a compliment! Hell, I trained the woman… :smiley:

In fact, our last outing together, she got me 8 to 2! I was giving her high-fives the whole time:+1:

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…well, some fishing too!

We celebrated 36 years married last Monday so I’ll probably hold on to her a while longer - even it she gets me out on the water again. :nerd_face: