Don't worry Steve Erwin, we got choo - YS

Throwing bait around looking for Mr. Big Teeth and got Mr. Big Gums instead. Several fun size sharks again and had a 6 foot hammerhead hit the big bait a couple times but still can’t get connected after letting him run with the bait for 30 seconds. Keeps releasing the bait because they snatch and grab when they’re in schools. Saw them chasing bait on the surface around us in the hole afterwards for about 20 minutes and went back down to the lower water column. Ol’ Ray Charles was fun but we had to make sure Steve wasn’t harmed in the making of this pic
Youngen Style


You guys know how to have a good time… Crikey Aye! Thanks for sharing yall!

The little ones around here love this

Secret…no lie…YS plays this only once every trip when the big ones are supposed to show up. When the song is over we set the timer to 5 minutes…and fush on! You think I’m joking, but many a guests are now believers in that song. She’s been playing it originally as a joke for at least 3 years now, which has become the infamous shark wisperer song. We even tested it out on reds back in January for the first time on a species other than sharks…she had 2 over 30" on back to back before that 5 minute timer was done. Laugh all you want to, but on our boat and YS whips out she ain’t looking for a DIY fishing video that’s for sure