Doolittle Raiders

I’m guessing these fellars never required a safe space like many of today’s pantywaist

Thanks to all Veterans & current military personnel

First ever workplace violence incident, Wounded Knee,SD.

I had the pleasure of sharing Thanksgiving Dinner 1978, with Jimmy Doolittle and his wife! He was a little/small, sparkplug of a man! I felt honored!

Quite an honor to spend a major American holiday with a major American hero!

We still have men like that, and there were plenty of American ****bags back then too. The difference is the ratio…less of the former and more of the latter these days.

“You have the right to the pursuit of happiness. You do not have a guarantee that you shall have it.”

Easy, that’s great.

The ghosts of these brave men should haunt that ungrateful twit Colin K at night.