Downrigger Rods

Anybody have a recomendation for a good Downrigger Rod ? Is there anywhere near Lexington that carries them? I tried Sportsman Wharehouse but they didn’t have anything. Thanks For any help!!

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What do you consider a down rigger rod?

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When I got on a kick several years ago with fishing downriggers, I used the 8 foot Ugly Stick Tiger rated for 15-30 pound test. It worked well, and I’m pretty sure Richard at Lake World carries them. Since then, it’s been all live bait and spoons for me. I just enjoy that more. I’ve thought about selling my dowriggers but know I’ll want them again if I do so.:smiley:

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Racer, I’ve never seen any downrigger rods sold locally. I do quite a bit of fishing with downriggers in the summer. I have 9’ downrigger rods, but sometimes I just use a couple of my 7.5’ striper rods. Pretty much any fairly limber rod will work.

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Thanks Guys!! I have just started using a Downrigger and have been using the Ugly Stick Catfish Rod, but it seems a little stiff. But at the same time I am pulling umbrella rigs off the Downrigger and need stiff rod for the umbrella rig…

2014 Tidewater 2200 Carolina Bay

In that case, I have a couple of 9’ downrigger rods I no longer use that would probably work for you that I would sell. I used them for a while but they are a bit heavier than I like.

If you think you may be interested, send me a PM and you can try them out first to see how they work for you pulling a u rig.

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I use the heavier Ugly Stik Tiger (gimbal butt) for 2 or 3 oz umbrellas and the same 7’6" Striper rods Striperskiff mentioned for plugs.

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I use Okumas striper rod they designed for umbrella rigs. it has a good heavy bottom to mid section with a great medium action tip and works perfectly for setting down riggers

lake murray hardware in ballentine carries them