driveshaft wear

helped my son pull the lower unit of his evinrude 115 SPL to replace his water pump impellor. when we pulled the cover,cup,and impellor off the shaft we noticed a wear pattern cut into the shaft that appears to be about .010 deep and looks to be located where the shaft would run at the top of the cup.We have had an issue with this engine running hot and we are wondering if this could affect the pumps ability to move water thru the engine. we hate to put it back together if we need to repair or replace this shaft. have any of you guys seen this and if so what are your thoughts or experiences. thanks for your input

having a wear ring in that location is pretty common, and should have zero impact on the function of the waterpump.
if you are having overheat issues with that motor, I would look at the thermostats, and that motor has the most difficult thermostats to replace in the outboard industry.

I agree with Chris, FWIW. Wear rings on the shaft are normal and don’t usually cause issues. I don’t think I’ve ever changed a water pump that the shaft didn’t have some wear rings.

Capt. Larry Teuton
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thanks for the input guys, load off our minds.10 4 on the stats,he changed them and i suggested we do the impellor too since it had been sitting up a while. we will put her back together and see what happens

Those motors have deflectors around the cyl. in the water jacket. These deflectors will flatten out and cause an overheat. Chris is right though if you have a new waterpump and still have the issue the thermostats are next then the deflectors if the problem continues. I would also suggest putting an entire waterpump kit instead of just the impeller. the kit you would probably need is 5001594 if its a 20 inch motor or a 5001595 for long shaft. the 5001595 puts out more pressure if you want to try that, the difference is in the pump housing.

can you school me up on these deflectors,am not familiar with these and dont see them on any parts lists i have looked at.Any info you can share with me will be appreciated. any day you learn something new is a good day.and we did use a water pump kit, no need to go that far and leave in used parts is the way i look at it. Thanks in advance