Drystack - Recommendations and Battery Charging

How do you charge your trolling motor batteries if you’re in a drystack? Will they connect up an extension cord from the stack? Ask for a lower level? Or not possible?

Any recommendations for a drystack marina in the Charleston area?


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All dry stacks have hd chargers and will put your boat in. Crank up and let it run while you’re on the way

I would just call and ask what they will let you do. That will determine where to go from there. If they allow you to be plugged in, get yourself a maintainer. Not just a charger, and leave it powered on. If they dont allow that, get a solar maintainer and stick it where it will received maximum sunlight. Then, like NB said, let them know you’re on the way and if there are any issues hopefully they can quick charge you in a pinch. Let us know how it goes.

And welcome back to the forum, did you remember your password from that far back? Lol

That might be your best option. Surely they run into this problem often.

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You can also connect your trolling motor battery with an automatic charging relay so it charges when you’re running!

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Thank you! Been gone far too long but hoping to start fishing the saltwater again - mainly the Stono and parts thereabouts. And the password still worked! Very happy to see the forum active again.

I was speaking to Brian at Charleston Marine about this. He said a lot of ppl in drystacks are using Lithium batteries and the new DC charging systems that recharge all batteries whenever your motor is on. He said he has had customers that said they never need to charge their batteries ever.

I have heard the same thing. In wonder what a system like that would cost.