Dynamite Hole 9/15

Took us a little while to find bait, so beached on Morris and caught 3 dozen finger mullet. Headed to the dynamite hole to anchor up for a bull red/tarpon. The tide was ripping through harder than I have ever seen, went on the inside of the jetty and threw out the anchor. In no time we were hung up on the rocks.

While we were rigging up, saw either a king or a huge spanish launch out of the water 15 yds from the boat! Quickly threw a free liner at it. It nailed it but just bit the finger mullet in half, never hit again.

Tide finally let up and dropped shrimp down and nailed bsb. Then we caught a couple nice sized whiting and cut them into nice chunks. About 10 mins later in rough seas for a 16’ cc…this hit…

Dang, that’s a fine one right there :sunglasses:

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We were heading out Sunday morning until the waves started coming over the bow. Thought about fishing dynamite hole but like you said, tide was ripping out so hard, so we went up further into the cooper river. Caught a few fish but no keepers. Nice red, I enjoy catching an releasing those over catching slot reds. Toughing out the conditons pays off sometimes. Keep it up.

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Nice bull red

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As my dad would say, “That’s a sho nuff goodun”.

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Nice fish.

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I am a little jealous!!!

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I am a little jealous!!!

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Semper Fi!


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What a Beast!

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