E-clipse catfish Moultrie

When today, curious if the e-klipse affected the fishing. Fished 1-2:30p, Think not lol the channel cats still wanted the STINKBAIT they could care less about the moon lol guessing they had their shades on. 14 from 3-7 pounds perfect for the fillet knife and weekend fry. Soak meat (no red meat) in saltwater couple days and rinse. Dry and Coat with egg/yellow mustard/yellow cornmeal/corn starch plus your favorite seasoning. put up to any fried fish fresh or saltwater! :sunglasses:

I always used Sonny’s stink bait back when there was a bunch of younguns round here.
What do you recommend?
Brings back some good memories.
Glad to hear they’re still out there

Yes, use the same stuff, due to their family it’s call Triple-S now, same formula. Talk to from several times thru the years, I Usually order a 3 gallon bucket so it lasts long time. someone told me Phantom has it on 17a south of Moncks Corner. The best I’ve ever used by far!!!