Earlier every year

On my way to work this morning… seems early but maybe it’s just been a warm fall.

Our Christmas tree guy is a family friend. He said for the first time ever he recommends buying our tree BEFORE thanksgiving because demand has so far surpassed supply in that business. Has been increasing big time since Covid stuff, I guess people are going back to real trees instead lately.

They’ll sell out earlier than last year, which was earlier than the year before etc. And folks keep wanting bigger trees, which isn’t possible unless you started playing a financial game on returns 15-20 years ago.

Everybody at least got their peanut oil by now…?

Crap i haven’t caught up on here.

Not complaining, just an observation on the way things look from the trees. I can’t really see any forests from here, it’s the lowcountry

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Yeah, we’ve had 2-3 neighbors that have had their Xmas stuff up a couple of weeks now. WTH?

Boone Hall plantation was unloading the trucks and setting them up this afternoon.

I have a friend on IOP that leaves them up all year. Plugs them in on thanksgiving

Boone hall is trying to recover losses from the civil war Reenactment. That was a huge loss People from north and south paid $$$$$$ to watch the event. Cancelled because of the confederate flag.

My Sis in law got hers up last week and the wife wants to do them this weekend. We got a new Harbor Freight and I was in there yesterday with the christmas music blaring. Lowes and wally world had Christmas stuff out at the end of August.

Wow, there was a Confederate flag at a Civil War re-enactment? Who would have thought? Jeez

Yep, I had to buy new peanut oil this year. If,n yall aint got yours yet, better rember to take the check book with you! I had already invited some folks over to watch the turkey frying before I saw the NEW price for the large jug of peanut oil. Hang on, it was 50 bucks!!