Early Crabbing?

Anyone do any crabbing this early in the year with any good results? Yall find em deep or shallow this time of year? Hope to get out there soon and will report back.

a few worthless observations

  1. put your pots near the commercial ones you see. near, not beside. those are in the right depth.
  2. where i launch, the commercial crabbers put in at 1st light. I talk to them and they usually help me when I need help.
  3. 1 out of every 20 I talk to is a meth head who hasn’t slept in 8 days, high out of his mind, and appears ready to shank me in the eye socket. so there’s that. but I can say the same about a few i met on here.

Haha,crabbers get the good HA crank.

you were the 1 in 20 i mentioned

The crabs run slow in the winter. The deeper water is where you catch them in the winter. Crabs are also smaller on average in the winter. Short of dropping a pit to soak i wouldn’t try crabbing right now.

I would not put my pot anywhere near a commercial crabbers pot.

What 40" said.

as for pee pod, 1 in 20? lol. Let’s get it down to 1 in 10. and 1 in 2 with the hired help. I still know a couple of crabbers, usually pretty good people, but like 40 said, don’t put your pot near theirs. Most don’t take kindly to encroachment. But if you do put out a pot or two, take notice of the depth the commercial guys are placing.

Those guys work year around, so Crabs are always available, but I personally wouldn’t do a lot of it right now. Too cold. Brrrrr. I’ve always had the best luck with crab baskets loaded with turkey neck/ chicken thigh over a dock and let the kids work em hard through out the spring, summer and fall.

“Near” Poorly phrased.

Several years ago in Little River.Crabber killed a guy caught him messing with his pots. Rammed him with his boat and ran him over. Said he did not mean to kill the guy. But he’s in prison.
The dope heads are on the commercial fishing boats. They go out make $1,500 $2,000 in a week. Come back for 3 days. And have to borrow money from the Captain for supplies for the next run. If they even show up.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

With some “near” was within eye sight. no, you phrased it ok to be on the safe side.

I was dumb and near is Dumb. sorry for that.

what I meant was if i see a string of em in 10 ft of water in prices inlet, I’ll go to the other side and find 10ft and do that. if I see pots in the ditches that empty seewee bay, I’ll go find a similar ditch, there’s quite a few back there. there’s usually a string at the south end of bulls bay. depth not proximity

i try to be thoughtful of the other guy.

Dee Magwood sells em 17 @ 41 in mt p on the weekend. now, i buy his rather than hassle with the gear.

Jeez Pea, ya trying to get people shanked?

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Yesterday i caught some crabs all the way in the back of the creek at low tide. Usually they say the crabs that stay in the creeks barry themselves in the mud. We had a few warm days and it was a sunny afternoon so maybe that’s why they were active. They wouldn’t let go of my bait. The old man says early spring but he says that every warm spell in January. I dont think the water has went bellow 50s this years so thats usually good.

Well thats good news. Gonna give it a go here in the next week or two and ill keep yall posted.