Early morning Discussion with Charles

Got to Bushy O-Dark thirty hours and as I park my vehicle and thinking I have the river locked for a few hours by myself; Who pulls up? Charles my neighbor. After a brief discussion off we went in the Dark morning. I decided on Goose Creek and it was a slow start with the last hour or so of high tide. The weather was decent and calm winds so I didn’t suffer as usual waiting on Sunrise. Anyway fished hard and smelled that Skunk but the odor left and something was fishy.

Faught this nice Red for awhile and manage to release but had no more Tags. Missed fish after fish in this area so I continue on up Goose Creek and …

17’+ Flounder just as the Tide was gradually turning giving me a slow push pout the river. Fished out going and managed a slam with two or so nice thick 15" trouts and a few more Reds before I picked up and headed in on Low tide at bushy Park. This place is a mess on low tide as usual. Great day on the water.

At least people like yourself are keeping this Fishing sight alive! Nice pics and report as usual. Thanks for sharing. I can’t say so much for myself and fishing lately, all I have to offer is a personal biggest turnip. Weighed in at 4.1 pounds and not pithy in the middle. Just finished cleaning them and washing some greens to cook this afternoon.

One thing for sure, the last couple of days have been beautiful.

Well, Those turnips would eat good with flounder. Now that work has slowed a bit I’ll have more time to hit the waters especially this time of year.

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