Early rise Yesterday and this morning

Left Bushy at 6:00am and fought the Fog until I got to my destination. After a few cast caught a nice trout and all after I was either straightening hooks or about 10 bigboys or me pulling hooks. The tide was roaring and hard getting the Big ones to the boat. Largest 15 to 21.75" yesterday and enjoyed the nice sunrise today. I used the Strike eye hooks instead where I got a better hookup but losted quite a few in the structure but managed 20" to 26.75" until the wind picked up and headed to the Hill

The Reds are very aggressive this time of year and running strong. should be a good year for fishing from my observation


That’s what I’m talking about. If I can get out Sunday, I’m headed to the back creeks this trip to duck the wind… won’t see that glass water you posted for a while it looks like


Beautiful sunrise pics! Nice report.

Guess I’ll give it a try again tomorrow. Suppose to be a wet day Sunday and should’ve been out this morning with this beautiful sunshiny day. Trying to find those Trouts and of course Flounder hunting begins.

I see that too now… brutal… maybe I can slip out there Saturday afternoon myself… thanks for the heads up.