Early summer Bait report

When it gets hot and more and larger species come into our waters i like to fish live bait more often. Ive hit the bait holes recently and noticed there seems to be less mullet this year. The shrimp and crabs seem to have decent numbers this year. Also noticed there is a large amount of micro bait scattered around. Schools of mixed sized menhadden have been off the beaches, ive found them by Morris and folly.

Micro bait, lots of spots, croakers and pins this size too. They were to small for my 3/8 bait net, ill bring the 3/16 glass minnow net next time.

The number 1 bait year round. Live Skrimps

Threw the net on some structure/rocks

Hog leg jr

You are correct on the live skrimps, sir!

Fishing Nerd

“skilled labor isn’t cheap, cheap labor isn’t skilled”

Down towards the N. Edisto the shrimp and minnows have been on the small size but the mullet have been pretty big. In fact, haven’t been able to find any finger mullet at all. They’ve all been 4-6 inches in size.

Baits have been decent sizes where I’m throwing my nets in the the small creeks. I will say its hit or miss on the decent sized shrimps. Pogies have been small up to about 4" and can be found in the larger creeks off the Cooper and Wando.