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Fred. You speak true words. I never knew a marine with any brains that stood up for Democrats and perverts like Bob does. During my time in service including the years in the ready reserve we hated the Democrats. They were always restricting finding in favor of giving money to other countries and giving money to social programs. I don’t know how a real and decent man can support a government that promotes deviant pervert behavior or a president that has such poor regard for military personnel that his policies had a hand in killing checking his watch 8 times. Any serviceman that did that in my day would feel a rifle butt hit his face at a high rate of speed.

On another subject Fred, Robert never questioned my military service until recently when he started sucking up to RBF.

I don’t know what to think about Bob . Was he one of McNamara’s crew? Something stinks here.

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Bridle your tongue Bob

See the big man cry mama.

See what I mean. Bob has no control. As we say in the navy. A loose cannon

Robert. Every time you call me anything other than my name or my screen name you will get flagged!

Just saying.

Natureboy, any man that laughs about Pedophiles and other deviants has to be pretty Perverted. The things Biden has done and others still support him from shear hate of Trump? I just don’t get it. Sure hate Trump as many do, but don’t use that hate to over look Biden’s racist and Perverted nature. Look a Biden’s 50 years as a Politician… Lies, over and over and over, real and tangible, not assumed.

Honestly My Friend, the best thing for you and I both would be to never respond to him from this moment forward. As much as we both would like him to join in on conversation and decent discussion it will never happen. He simple will not allow it. He has his Shadow box, let him stare at it and perhaps dwell over it. If indeed it is real. But Who cares?

I had a moment of weakness and did not ignore Bob’s support of kid touchers.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: ignore shun you don’t mental capacity to do either.

You can’t bridle your tongue as you have preached to others so often

No others only you

He does support pervs. !

My name is carl

Watch the big man cry mama

Come down off your high horse bruh, site policeman is the equivalent of a mall cop

Wally World.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

A mall cop can throw your butt out if the mall

There’s a picture of the mall cop somewhere around here, RBF usually can make that one appear.

Just about as silly as Herschel Walker and his fake cop badge.

Pfffft, this site would suffer from lack of clicks

Just follow the rules. I can’t call Bob anything but Bob or he cries and we wouldn’t want that