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It seems like you are trying to say something here. Come on man, everything is great.

Sure is great ! Business in the Lowcountry is booming, this market is red hot!

Retail sales, Black Friday weekend up almost 11% from last year.

Dec. 1, 2022
Americans continued spending in October, with personal consumption expenditures picking up even after adjusting for inflation, new data released Thursday showed.

While economists expected those gains, they underscore that consumers remain resilient in the face of rapid price increases and rising interest rates. The Federal Reserve has lifted borrowing costs at the most aggressive pace since the 1980s this year, making it more expensive to borrow on a credit card or to buy a car.

Despite that, Americans continue to open their wallets. More recent anecdotal data suggest that the holiday shopping season is off to a strong start: Retail sales over the Thanksgiving weekend were up 10.9 percent from the prior year, excluding cars and not adjusting for inflation, based on Mastercard data.

Americans are being buoyed in part by a strong labor market that is helping them to take home more money, and by one-time payments from states, some of which have stimulus money left to disperse or are benefiting from strong tax receipts.

Bayrider, why you always complaining? Is life really that miserable for you? Perhaps you should get a job? Just sayin’…would give you less time to pollute your mind.

Check old Bolbie out with his glass halve full!! I wish I could say my IRA and 401K were red hot… Worse lose I’ve had in 30 years.

I don’t think it is Bay complaining, but rather you don’t like the truth he posts. Strong labor Market bro? Nope. If that was the case you wouldn’t see every store begging for people to come work and then actually show up. I agree about people and stimulus money. Many made a fortune off of it and now don’t want to do crap after all the free ice cream.

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It’s important for me to keep my 81 million followers informed and I really enjoy mocking and ridiculing the haters, hbu?

I have plenty of time to take you fishing, Merry Christmas!

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No thanks, caught enough fish from red snappers to red breast…no interest in fighting crowds to fish. Full time job in family business, and hauling show horses for my daughter, barely leaves time to harvest a deer .

How much did Orange Julius add to that debt?

One of President Donald Trump’s lesser known but profoundly damaging legacies will be the explosive rise in the national debt that occurred on his watch. The financial burden that he’s inflicted on our government will wreak havoc for decades, saddling our kids and grandkids with debt.

Economists agree that we needed massive deficit spending during the COVID-19 crisis to ward off an economic cataclysm, but federal finances under Trump had become dire even before the pandemic. That happened even though the economy was booming and unemployment was at historically low levels. By the Trump administration’s own description, the pre-pandemic national debt level was already a “crisis” and a “grave threat.”

The combination of Trump’s 2017 tax cut and the lack of any serious spending restraint helped both the deficit and the debt soar. So when the once-in-a-lifetime viral disaster slammed our country and we threw more than $3 trillion into COVID-19-related stimulus, there was no longer any margin for error.

Our national debt has reached immense levels relative to our economy, nearly as high as it was at the end of World War II. But unlike 75 years ago, the massive financial overhang from Medicare and Social Security will make it dramatically more difficult to dig ourselves out of the debt ditch.

I’m not allowed to post politics in Off Topic

Don’t you believe no one is above the rules?

Back to the OP

Aren’t you paying more for everything since 1/20/21?

Of course I am paying more, but I have also increased my prices, and its not stopping folks from buying !! Win/Win situation.

I reckon some folks always have to complain, you’re #1 in that department bruh…

Isn’t that price gouging?

What about a lot of my retired neighbors that don’t have anything to sell like you do? What would you tell them to do?

Called supply and demand…perhaps your neighbors can sell some of that high dollar property on “The Island”…folks are paying top dollar for property now. In reality, I could cares about your neighbors.

Did you mean you could care less? If so that’s disturbing.

What about rent increases?

Do you do any online business? Are you aware of the new $600 transactions rule from the IRS?

I LOVE rent increases!

No online business at all, but cracking down on Venmo and Paypal, I am all for it, too many people not paying taxes using those services.

That’s right , I don’t care about your neighbors ! Why should I ?

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Says the man continuously bashing Trump in most every post you ever reply to. I don’t see Bay’s posts as complaints, just stating facts.

Hope the Horse shows are going well!!

Just right wing propaganda.

Of course Poly doesn’t care about others. He has bragged that he is a God less liberal He has family money to rely on and could care less about things like inflation, fuel prices , meat prices . Some how he believes that climate change is real even tho not one prediction from 30 years ago has come true.

I recall the Repubs predicting a red wave, and that Drumpf would never lose to the Dems’ weakest candidate ByeDon…

That’s exactly what y’all do. It doesn’t have to be true : “JUST SAY IT”

As usual, your envy glows ! That family money issue really gets you hot doesn’t it? sorry pal, I cant pick and choose my family, thankfully we chose numerous wealth accumulating ventures.

If I didn’t care about anyone, why did I donate and send a refrigerator to Penny’s elderly parents in McClellanville , before her daddy passed away?
If I didn’t care about anyone, why did I spend $575 on 4 different bicycles for the Angel Tree at N Chas Police dept. this morning?
If I didn’t care about anyone, why did I park my truck and help the disoriented gentleman find his Buick at the local WalMart 2 weeks ago?
If I didn’t care about anyone, why did kill and process a deer for my hunting buddy that injured his back, and is unable to climb in a stand?

I don’t care about some strangers neighbors, just the same as you don’t care for me, but don’t run around telling lies, when you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. That would not be the Christian way, like buying chocolates and flowers to impress young girls, you know ,like your idol Ric Flair?

Good on you @Bolbie

Did you ask any of the charity recipients, or people you helped, whether they were Dems or Rebubs? I am sure natureboy would never help a liberal… Just ain’t in him, as his old and failing heart is just too filled with hate…

Nope, didn’t ask about affiliation, just doing what I know is the right thing to do!

Our family has always been generous to those in need, it is how we were raised.