Edisto Banks 12/28 - A report for Long Enuff

A few months ago I went to pick up a pair of TLD 50’s that Long Enuff had for sale. I took a fishing buddy with me and we ended up chatting with with Bill for an hour in his garage, I also ended up buying just a bit more gear than originally intended. Super nice guy and I promised him I would put up a report once I had a chance to get out and use it. So here it is.

Fished Edisto Banks yesterday from 6:00 - 2:30.

Fish that made it home:
4 blackfin
Typical mix of bottom fish

Cedar plugs with a wind on fluorocarbon leader way way back was the only thing the blackfin hit. Caught a ton of bonito many of them bit in half, the sharks were on it. We lost a couple blackfin to the sharks as well. Had a wahoo, I’m assuming, strike the planer rod early on that had a blistering run only to come off shortly after. Heartbreaker of the day, had another strike on the planer not like before but could tell it was a good fish. Fish took off for little bit then just hung tight, I couldn’t budge it and it wasn’t running. After a while I started to put some pressure on it one crank at a time, it saw the boat and took off. Finally got it back, got to the leader and saw a monster of a wahoo. It started to get frantic boat side, buddy took a gaff shot hit his head, fish went nuts and popped the line, worst feeling ever. Weird hits of the day, we decided to stop trolling and started bringing lines in. Boat was in neutral, and cedar plugs out back we probably floating / sinking and they both get bit at the same time. One blackfin made it in and a shark got the other. Anybody else ever have blackfin hit a dead in the water bait?

Bill, thank you for parting with your gear, I know they were your babies. That big wahoo hit the Avet, those are simply amazing setups. Again, you’re welcome to join us anytime if you would like to get out.

Don’t usually take many pictures so here is the only one we got.

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Thanks so much for the report!

I can’t wait to get gack out there!!

Good report.
My wife posted a picture of a bloody deck without the fish on it.
And her caption was has anybody seen my husband. People were freaking out.

LE is a reel guy,one of my boys went over to his house to pick up a grill he was getting rid of.Very down to earth considering what he has done for this country.


Still looks like a nice day. Great report!

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Awesome trip guys. Your report made my day and glad the gear performed for you as it often did for me. You are correct they were my babies and I took the best care of them. Sman, thank you for the kind words as well, lots of good folks still on this site!

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Fun report to read. Thanks sir!