Edisto Offshore Challenge this weekend

In a effort to see more reports on here we have decided to have a tournament!

4th annual Edisto Beach Offshore Challenge this weekend.

Combined weight of two fish, pays 1st and 2nd. Marlin count for 50 lbs, Sails count for 25 lbs, and you must have a digital photo of any marlin or sail used in the tournament.

Entry fee cash $250, 100% payout.</font id=“size6”>

Twt - Big Two, 100, pays 3 places 50/30/20%
Dolphin, 100’ pays 3 places
Wahoo, 100 pays 3 places
Tuna, 100, pays 3 places
Female, 50, pays one place.

Captains Meeting Friday at Edisto Marina at 7:30 sharp. Fish day will be determined at that time, but it is looking like Sunday will be the day.

Registration starts at 5pm Friday

Any questions, please call Darrin at 803-622-7009


If tourney is prob gonna be held on Sunday. Which looks most Likly can we reg sat afternoon?

Call Darrin Moore Phone number listed above! Im sure he will leave it open till saturday evening! " I cant say 100% though"

Where is the weigh in?

Pat Condon

weigh in at Edisto Marina !!