Edisto WMA

Has anyone tagged any deer at Edisto? I am hunting public land this year and looking to near Summerville. I had Francis Marion in mind as well, which of the two is better in regards to deer population?

I will be hunting from a stand.

As far as I know in these parts you NEED a thermacell and snake boots, right? I moved down from MI for teaching last year.

i’ve seen deer in edisto wma, just not during deer season. the woods are pretty open there and there’s not much land for them to hide on. i’ve walked up on other hunters in there as well. i’m sure the deer get wise real quick. i prefer francis marion if hunting public. you can get away from people there. you definitely need a thermacell if hunting before december, snake boots are a good idea if walking long distances through the woods. i’ve almost stepped on a couple snakes out there.