Electrical Gremlins

Looking for advice! Have a 2007 Pioneer 197SF…with electrical issues lately, surprise! Here is a quick rundown: all engine features work fine (PTT, starting). VHF and Stereo work just fine. Everything else not so much, including trim tabs. With Garmin 498 on, turning on any other auxiliary item, even nav lights, trips everything off. Sometimes I can manage to get the GPS, nav lights, and a bilge pump running, but keep turning on additional auxiliaries, and everything shuts off again. Sometimes it takes several minutes to hours for those things to be able to be turned back on…sometimes they will come back within minutes.

I’ve checked connections, and cleaned all of the connections that i can reach. The trim tabs are what really worry me, they don’t work at all anymore. They did work Friday (while these issues were still happening) but as of Saturday, they don’t work. All of the issues have been getting progressively worse. Started several weeks ago by not being able to turn on GPS randomly…now it has progressed to the above issues.

Looking for any ideas!!!

you have corosion in the main power or ground wire between the battery and the dash
do you have 1 or 2 batteries under the leaning post?
there should be a fuse/relay on a larger red wire that powers teh dash, i would start there


Bad wire or connection somewhere more then likely. Would start with main power feed from batt to fuse panel and go from there. Give every crimp connector a good tugging on to see if it is loose. Enough power is getting thru to operate a few things sounds like but when more draw is added to it the connection fails completely, pretty common with a bad connection somewhere, espicially in the main power feed Pull the fises and check thier connections for cleanliness as well. Hope this helps!

Russ B.
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Thanks everyone for the advice and recommendations! I started at the battery (the non-starting battery), and removed all cabling and cleaned them up. They weren’t that bad, but a little cleaning never hurts.

I then went from the Perko selector switch to this box looking thing - Short Stop Breaker. Went to take that off and the threaded studs holding the leads broke right off, right in my hand. Went ahead and replaced that and gremlins are gone…just in time for Halloween!

Now it’s time to post some reports on fishing and not on broke boats!