Elin Musk to delete BLOCK function on X(Twitter) site

Infairbess[date=2023-08-21 timezone=“America/New_York”]2023-08-21T04:00:00Z, his admin says they are replacing it with a better system, we will see?


Im not a tweeter nor a facebooker

I prefer to make up my own mind unfettered by musks and Zuckerbergs algorithms


So far, so good

Same here. No Fakebook, No Twitter (now X), no Snapchat, Instadoodle or anything else besides CF. Don’t care what they do on those sites. Use them, don’t use them, no one really “needs” them.


“Nothing but CF!”

See EF, point made, we only like and trust using CF, not main stream media!

This is my only social media, wife had to go in and cancel my Facebook account when it got hacked after we were married because I left it for dead.

Still plenty of MySpace pictures of me out there that will be on the internet forever…

Good for you, you have proven your intelligence of science here many times over, now get that same amount of knowledge about politics(if you don’t alread?), and we can have some REAL discussions on here without anger and denegrating one another.

I find it a sad time that cfc has done away with politics and become so censored and biased. I got a lot of good info to dig into back in the day of thick skin. I get some twitter links sent to me that are pretty interesting and informative. Don’t spend much time there. On the FB thing, lots of drama, but they do have some excellent movie clips. Can’t say that kid touchers need a bullet and feed buzzards. They jingle their keys and put you in time out for that kind of comment. I probably put in less than an hour a week on fb. I love to comment on my mom’s posts. It really makes her happy to see I like her bird and flower posts.