Ending the Year on a Slamming note

Got out on New Years Eve and it was about as slow as I’ve ever seen it. I fished Yellow house Clouter Creek The Cooper and finally Goose creek Hit a few Reds and even one that was tagged. Fished the out going tide and was throwing different presentation from mud minnows to numerous swim bait. The water was murky in Goose Creek so I started throwing my Money swim bait (white pearl 4" mullet) and I thought I had a nice Trout until it got near the top.

17.5" flounder that was not planning on getting into that livewell. Drifted on out and numerous boats were setup in one of the Red hole anchored or those nice trolling motors holding them in place (Need to invest in one). Pulled a couple trouts and left that area and headed to the hill.

Yesterday I should have stayed at home with the terrible winds. Managed a few Trouts in Bushy Park and pull that 22 in nearly pushing pluff mud. Tide was Low as Heck but once I make that turn to the dock I’m coming Inn.

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Very nice. Good thing that was not today, you’d get blown away.

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That’s what I’m talking about… the man, the myth, the legend:sunglasses:. Good stuff Fatrat:+1:

About the trolling motor, I put off getting mine forever too. Once I got one on the boat I got mad at myself for not getting it sooner. Especially for you seeing as you fish solo a lot. It would be an absolute game changer for you. Do it!!

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…well, some fishing too!

The fish are already at a disadvantage to Fatrat. Sheesh! Can’t imagine what he’ll do if he gets one of those fancy trolling motors!

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[ Drifted on out and numerous boats were setup in one of the Red hole anchored or those nice trolling motors holding them in place (Need to invest in one).</font id=“red”>

Seems you do a lot of fishing by yourself, you would love the anchoring feature that you can get. You can also set it in a repeat drift pattern. I’ve never owned one, but have been on a couple of boats with them. One being a 28’, it would hold in swift current. I was really surprised by it. When I get my next boat I’ll invest in one. I’ve got my mind set on the fall of 2023, hoping with all this rising inflation “toys” will start to be sold. I just can’t see buying one now with these crazy price tags on em. It is a sellers market at present. :smiley:

Saw ya in GC on NYE, but I’m sure you didn’t recognize me because I was in Ralphs new boat. Black hulled 23ft scout with T Top. We were grinding too but found a few trout in pretty deep water - about 12 ft. Tide was rolling out. Its amazing how many more boats are in that creek now compared to just a few years ago. Strangely, I had 4 flounder in various locations. I guess they don’t know they should be offshore spawning now… Happy New Year see ya out there soon

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