Enjoyable Day

So this weekend was mine and my wife’s wedding anniversary. While eating dinner Saturday evening, I asked her what she wanted to do Sunday for our anniversary. Figuring it was going to be dinner somewhere special, to by surprise it was “let going fishing”. She got a very quick “okay” from me and I proceeded to get the boat ready. We got on the water at 8:00am and I immediately hooked a slot red. As I was handing her the rod to let her land it, she hooked one also. It was fun catching a double with her and she was excited. We caught a few more here and their and ended the day doing a little sight seeing and drinking some cold adult beverages. Great day in live in the low country!

Sounds like you’ll be having many more anniversaries with this one. Congrats!

She sounds like a keeper. Mine is most happy just being on the water. Hard to beat a girl like that.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”, but really, who cares?

Can you teach my wife that trick? She goes like once a year and always hangs a big red. She’s then satisfied and we head for the dock. LOL

Guns kill people just like spoons made Rosie O’donell fat.

youre a lucky man

If I’m posting, its because I’m sitting here at work, dreaming about fishing.


Blessed, my wife has never went fishing with me, but she does get sea sick.

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When the wife is happy things just go smoother. Lol. Lets face it, taking the wife or kids fishing is not as easy as taking an experienced fishing buddy. Definitely a little more work, but it’s all about hanging with the family.

Great tradition to start. I’d take my sons and wife one on one fishing for their birthdays.