Epic trip!


Shout out to Captain Jeremiah McCarthy for the info he posted in these forums a couple weeks ago. Took awhile to find that flat holding fish but when we did it was pretty incredible.

What a day yesterday! Best day of inland fishing for me so far.

Had my regular fishing buddies on the boat around Bull Island. It was non stop.

Oh, and we had a shark take a redfish.

As always, the YouTube link is at the top.

Kerry Browning

Now that was a great trip.

Can’t always be like that one for sure. Man was that fun!

Oh you’re killing me. Stuck up here in Greenville haven’t been on the water in almost a month.

Punched the subscribe button on your YouTube channel. Don’t forget about us peons when you become a rich and famous internet sensation.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

enjoyed watching that-what a day y’all had. What bait were you using under the popping corks??
Thanks, Larry

01 Scout 177 w/ 150 hpdi

Hahaha! I’m the worst social media guy ever! Thanks for subscribing. I think you’re number 46. :joy::joy::joy:

I really just enjoy doing these and it’s a great way to document how to fish at different times of the year.

These guys that fish with me love those popping corks. I’m not a big fan so you’ll see me throwing artificials 90% of the time. However, when they’re catching and I’m not - I’ll succumb to that stupid cork.
They stop at Sewee outpost and get three or four dozen mud minnows for the popping corks. We usually have plenty left but we actually ran out on this last trip.