EPRIB saves lives!

Not sure if this video has been shared on CF but I thought it’s worth showing how important it is to follow all regs when boating.


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For inshore use, a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a more economical purchase than EPIRB. The Murad PLB is the one I have

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Did they hit something, or did the hull just split open:question:

No excuse to not have a PLB, especially if you’re going to the jetties or beyond. Less than $250, lasts for 5 years. Saved my life and 4 others 2 years ago.


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The YouTube comments indicate a keel split from a wave.

Mark Ingle
NauticStar 1810 Merc 90

This was discussed in detail last year when it happened. Can’t remember the specific thread but the boat owner was posting in it.

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A SPOT device will send SOS signal AND send a message to your family that you are “ok and will Check in later” ( or any preset message) if no cell coverage. Luckily I have never had to use it other than to check in. 100$ and change and monthly fee.
Cheap insurance imo

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SPOT, de Lorme, etc. is great, especially for text to family, and it does have emergency SOS capability. But there can be a time delay, depending on satellites? So an EPIRB or PLB will be faster. The AIS on VHF is yet another emergency signal worth considering. Or maybe all of the above.