estimating shark weight

the other night i went out and pulled up an 84" sandbar shark out of crooked river, georgia and initially guessed it to be from 150 - 200lbs (probably closer to 150). just for fun i looked up georgia state record saltwater fish and their record sandbar shark is 158lbs 8oz. would it be possible/probable that i may have beaten it? dont really care about my name in a page in the regulation book and cant keep sandbars anyway so cant get it to a certified scale but that would still be cool to know! i was alone when i caught it so didnt get any pics of it by me for size comparison.

Did you get any measurements of girth?

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no i got it back in the water as quickly as possible and thought of girth after i got it back in the river. kicking myself now!

Oh well, good for getting it back in there healthy!

'90 Maverick Master Angler 18.5/'03 150 Evinrude
'05 Angler 27 CC

thats got to be close.

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Nice Brown shark there Navy. My club over the years has landed some pretty nice Sandbars ( Browns), in this range. Your weight is probably pretty close if the fish is an average girth. Basically we have used this formula over the years and found it to be pretty accurate…

Length X Girth squared divided by 800. We landed a pregnant female one year that was 85" and the weight was 170. The largest I’ve seen was about that size. Since the govt. deemed them “endangered” we don’t eat them anymore, but they are good tablefare.