Ethanol or Ethanol Free?

Curious to see what are your thoughts on using Ethanol gas in outboard motors? I found this short article on the hazards of ethanol gas very informing,

I just bought a boat & they said it was ok to use e gas as long as i used a fuel stabilizer if it was going to sit & not be used regularly like in winter.
I have had nothing but trouble with e gas with the exceptions of my vehicles.
I use e free in my boat so not to have to worry. It is worth the extra cost in my opinion.

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IMHO never ever use e-gas in boat or small engines EVEN WITH STABILIZER

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If you run your boat weekly I’d not worry about Ethanal blended fuels, If it sits longer than a month I’d not use it. Fuel stabilizer or not. With Our high humidity the alcohol in the fuel will absorb moisture. Sure the fuel stabilizers do a wonderful job, but why chance it? the ethanol fuels will phase separate. That said i use pure gas for everything other than my truck and wifes car. I still put fuel stabilizer in the pure gas I put in cans for generator, atv, lawn mower, etc.,and%20absorb%20some%20or%20all%20of%20that%20water.

Don’t worry about it,gas engines are going to be outlawed,buy one of those new electric outboards to run offshore.You can thank the new commie/socialist regime.

After a rebuild of all 3 carbs from an ethanol related problem, I have run only non-E. I don’t use ethanol gas in anything except my cars. I’ve replaced too many fuel lines in chain saws and weed eaters due to ethanol. It sucks and they should stop screwing up gas with it.

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…well, some fishing too!

But for real, run the non-e in engines not used daily and stop being knuckleheads:+1:

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“No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool… nothing else.”

…well, some fishing too!