Even blind squirrels find nuts

I moved to Charleston about 4 months ago and have been doing a lot of inshore fishing.

I usually go at least a couple times a week, but I’m lucky if I hook into a fish at all.

I’ve done a lot of research and reading on this forum, magazines, news paper, web, etc. I’ve also tried many different tides, rigs, and baits. I just don’t have much luck with it (yet). I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually, it would just be nice to catch some fish in the process.

That being said, anyone up for some Friday fishing? I’m up for either inshore or nearshore. I’d love to catch some trout or spanish mackerel and we can take my boat (stored on Clouter Creek).

Otherwise any advice is always welcome.

Spanish have already been and ran out until the spring if Im not mistaken.

2009 Pro-lite 18 Flats
115 Suzuki 4 stroke

seen a big school of spanish a week ago

I did pretty good in Clouter creek the other day caught reds and flounder on artificial

“Just one more cast”
Key west 196 bay reef