Ever see a cat play with a dolphin???

A dolphin comes out of the water near a boat, and the cat on the boat starts playing with the dolphin by patting it and nuzzling its face against the dolphin.

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my wife is going to love this video

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wow, that’s pretty cool!
Yeah, my wife loves dolphins too!

Thats friggin great!!!:smiley:

Thats crazy does anyone know what waters they was in?? Pretty awesome you gotta love the saltwater ecosystem!!! Thanks for sharing.

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Sorry for the buzz kill but seems like it may be a cute moment from a bad situation - humans hand feeding dolphins. Were the dolphins really trying to play with the cat or were they putting up with the cat messing with them while they were begging for food from the humans on the boat?

Looked like trained dolphins.

watch it again the lady has a whistle in her mouth that she keeps blowing… sorry but these are not wild dolphins.

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Looks like a dock, not a boat…