Explain THIS!

Easy…That is Fritz trying to find the Georgetown Hole.


Live Bottom ?

“Double Play”
26’ Glacier Bay
Honda 150’s

Low tide

My wife at the helm.

She’s done rather similar things in her cars.

That wouldn’t happen if there was a beacon nearby.

Whatever you do, don’t go look off the bow.


Alien space ship disguise gone wrong? :slightly_smiling_face:

Chris Walton
aka The Tequila Monkey

earthquake… tsunami… photoshop…

It’s hard to be drunk ALL day if you don’t start drinking FIRST thing in the morning!!!

1/64 scale trick photography

Grady White 222

looks to me like someone spilt dumbarse all over the jetties…

Fred W.
Romans 1:16

“I gotta thank God, cause He gave me the strength to fight hard.” -LL Cool J