Fairly new, need advice

Hi all, I take my 10 yr old fishing alot. Mostly around edisto in the inlets and ICW. we usually only catch stingrays, skates, shark pups, whiting. We bottom fish with shrimp and squid. Im looking to catch more and bigger fish. I have an old 16’ glassmaster still runs great but im not sure if it is wise to take it further than the small island at the mouth of the ICW. Any advise on bait, rigs, how to find a good location, how the waves are ,say a half mile out, any other piece of info would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the site. I assume by island you mean the North Edisto, ie Deveaux Bank? Feel free to send me a private message and I will try to help you out. Use the Search function (above) also to help with tons of info. I don’t fish the N. Edisto too much (yet), but I do fish the S. Edisto and although I am still learning it, the things I have learned in Charleston still apply to anywhere.

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Thanks for the advice. I may go out tomorrow and see what I can do. Usually go around Deveaux Bank. Does anyone know if the bonnetheads are still around this time of year?