fall bite questions

When is the best time to come fishing in the fall? I’ve heard october. Is it determined by the water temp? I’ll be fishing hog inlet.

Thanks for any input. I’m still a rookie in salt.

A very experienced fisherman told us once that the very best time was the week the World Series started. That has turned out to be a good time; however, anytime starting October 10, and after, has always been good for us.

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Thank you very much.

When shrimping season ends

when OTL starts skipping work and postin 30 day trout catches 4x a week. :slight_smile:

Will trout be in the inlets? This is going to be my first fall trip taking a boat. I don’t know what I’m in for. I know people who go down there and pier fish for trout and stuff in the fall. I want to catch whatever is there to catch. I fish all the time here in the upstate of sc. And I appreciate “fishing”. The experience, the water, the boating, the challenge of it all. And I usually do well. But I don’t have to catch fish to have a good trip. That being said, I get my butt handed to me everytime I go to the beach. I really want to do some catching this time around.

If I didn’t live here and could only pick one month to fish it would be October. It has always been good to me. November would be 2nd.

Jack Taylor

Right on, Mr. Jack Taylor!!! Even offshore!!

I would suggest staying inshore in the creeks, near the oyster bars, under the docks or where ever you see fast moving water, ALWAYS fish that… These guys dont like to give up spots but if you stick to those guidelines you should pull some trout outta the water as well as a red or two

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I appreciate the advice fellas. It sounds like trout is whats happening in october. That sounds good to me. I’m ready to go. Should I fish that fast moving water with a carolina rig or on a float. Live mud minnows or shrimp or something. I’m starting from scratch here. And I know how it is to have a cooler full of fish and everybody thinks you’re supposed to tell them all your secrets. I’m not expecting that. I’m just looking for any info I can get. Part of the fun of a trip is all the research before you go.

Thanks, Terry

Was told once by someone that when you really start seeing those yellow butterflies…the bull reds are in the surf. Seems to have been true for me.