Feb 18th bottom fishing around the vermillion

Ran out of Georgetown early sat morning to so some bottom fishing at the live bottom areas close to the vermillion.
Found tons of fish everywhere we tried only had to anchor twice for a two man limit of bsb and red porgies.
Bsb to 19 inches and red porgies to 17 inches.
Caught a ton of undersized fish and plenty of triggers, sailors choice, grunts, porgies

Only 1 vermillion snapper all day though.
Caught a 40 inch bull redfish as well…in 110 feet, first time on that one for me.

Got broken off/ almost spooled three times by what I can only assume were sharks or very large amberjacks.

Kept live tomtates 20 feet down under corks about a hundred yards behind the boat all day but nothing bothered them.

The ride out was very bumpy but manageable, ride back around in 2:30 was a bit smoother.

All around great day on the water, very grateful to have been able to sneak in a fishing day in February

looks like a good day on the water, appreciate the post!

Nothing wrong with that! Looks like a good day for sure

“mr keys”

Good Job. Bottom bite was great for us this weekend as well. We found some spots at 100 ft filled with BSB and spots just 200 yds away filled with b liners. BSB seem a bit smaller this year but more plentiful. Cant seem to get into any thick triggers for whatever reason but I wish I could. Looks like spring is here.
BTW, cut the head off a few b liners, scaled them, gutted them and rubbed them with generous oregano,cayenne pepper,fresh garlic, fresh cut chili peppers, salt, pepper and olive oil. Scored the fish and grilled 5 minutes on each side. Holy moly! Slap your mother in law for those.

Nice haul. Check out the limit on the BSB. Its now 7 per person…

Tight lines,

Is it really 7?! We released a ton of keepers!

Where do you get that number? SCDNR says 5

Nice Trip. SAFMC says 7. Download the SA Fishing Regulations APP and update it before going offshore. They love to change the limits and close fish where the SCDNR website never updates with it.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll get that app

Yup it’s 7

“mr keys”