February Fishin' with EF

Mutton to it, just gotta hold your mouth right…

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All I need now is a machete, a tiny umbrella, and a bottle of rum

arrrggggggghhhhh mattee


Cool, where you at?


Catch some lunch this morning maybe

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That feels like bull shark territory…yikes!

Good looking vaca!

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I even ran into a couple of gamecock fans down here, good fellows really, just a little misunderstood

Very nice but you take back the gamecock joke.

They are really bammers

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Whats eoth the cage area? A tomb or something? Lools like atub on the left so prob not. Definitely resembles one tho.

Fantastic trip EF, thanks for the pics and showing us around!

It’s just art I guess. The small enclosure was chain linked fenced and the hodgepodge of stuff was inside.

so, I brought about 25 lbs of tackle, three rods, all kinds of swim baits and crank baits and spoons and jig eyes,way to much stuff.

Here’s a pro tip if you want to catch reef fish in the Bahamas, (take this with a grain of salt because after all its called “fishing” and not “catching”)

Here’s all you really need. A travel rod, a 3000 size reel loaded with 15lb mono and a 10 or 12 lb flouro leader, a small #2 hook, and a cracked conch foot for cut bait.

And if you can find some hard bottom patch reefs in 6 or 8 feet of water like these you are golden.

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