February Reds

All three rivers have been really good for redfish this month. The cold water has them bunched up tight to structure. Once you find them they are stacked like cordwood. I had a really good day last Friday. Water was 49F on the surface so I’m glad for this warming trend. On Friday I had 11 reds over 20" and maybe 5 under then I trailered and relaunched in the Cooper and had 8 more over 20". Really fun day of catching that I’ll remember this summer when the bite is a lot slower. Remember that redfish are now a part of Release Over 20 so if you catch and release one over 20 take a pic (doesn’t have to be on a ruler) and enter it at releaseover20.org Each fish released is like a raffle ticket to our giveaway at the end of each month.
All fish caught on TexasEye jigs and Z-Man Scented Jerkshadz


Good stuff

Those danged ol’ February Reds always seem to have lockjaw when I’m around

Awesome pics

Nice report as usual and I agree the bite is good right now.

Thanks for the report and all the extra stuff you do too! It is appreciated.

Were you in the Flatty??


Yes, fishing in Flatty. Love, love love this boat.
Didn’t realize I put 2 pics of the same fish, sorry about that :slight_smile:


I love fishing this time of year! Best kept secret…Congrats!!!

Thanks for the tip Optiker
I been struggling.

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Spoken by a guy that could catch fish in a parking lot. Good post Dave!