Feeding family of 9

This is from our daughter.

Y’all think the price of groceries has gone up….

Feb 2020 I paid $4.75 for 5 dozen eggs.
Sep 2021 $8.40
June 2022 $10.57

TODAY I paid $21.37 for the same eggs!


That’s 3 days worth of breakfast

I hear eating bugs is a great alternative & high in protein. Nothing better than bugs & bacon on toast.

Come on Man. According to certain folks, all is right with the world. These are minor price fluctuations.

Fluctuations my a**, this is the new America. Everything is going to cost more and we’d better get used to it. THIS administration simply doesn’t care. They want to create a society that is totally dependent upon the government for everything.

A couple of the little ones already supplement their diet with bugs.

At least you know they have what it takes to survive in Democrat run government.

Thank the good Lord I have friends that supply us with wild roaming chicken eggs.

Did a little camping and actually had to buy some eggs as the wifes hens are being a little lazy in this cold weather… Ridiculous. While the price of chicken feed has skyrocketed, I think we are still doing better getting our own eggs.

If they won’t lay add some crushed red pepper to the feed. Another trick is a fine mist of water. Find a spray bottle that will spray a fine mist like hair spray does. Spray them each a few times.