Few small trout on the wando

This is my first post on this forum so first, please allow me to introduce myself. Forgive me if I am posting in the wrong thread.
I am a junior at CofC. I grew up in the lowcountry and hunting and fishing are my passions. This virus has really put a damper on my college experience, but luckily, I have the sport of fishing to save me from boredom and keep me out of trouble.
I went out to the Wando last Friday and fished a falling tide up past the 526 bridge. Searched around for some good water and found a small creek with an abundance of bait running around. My boat was positioned right in the middle of the creek channel with the port side facing another small creek mouth. Throwing into a dead spot in the current with an artificial shrimp, I was able to pull many small trout out. I searched around more and more for those bigger trout in where I thought would be deeper water but all I could link up with were smaller >14" trout. Eventually got on a small lady fish which was very cool, but nothing of size.
Not calling this a problem, I always love catching these fish no matter the size, but I would desperately like to figure out where those gator trout are. Any tips?

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II have very little luck with trout in the summertime. Most all of them seem to be small until about October.

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I recently went fishing with a friend from Norfolk, VA, he told me that he catches big trout up there during warmer months. Do they move up north during this time?

Welcome. Not sure what kind of boat you are fishing out of but, in the past, I have had moderate success slow trolling for trout with artificials. By the way, my son is a CofC grad, class of 2018.

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Larger trout tend to be loners and not typically schooled up with the masses. Not saying you wont catch one mixed in, it’s just more likely to find then by themselves. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay moving when you’re not catching fish. Try deeper water, faster water, discolored water… just keep trying!

Thanks for the report, I haven’t been fishing in almost 3 weeks:face_with_head_bandage:. Will be changing that in the very near future:+1:

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IMHO. The qualification for a Gator Trout varies from region to region. For example, in Florida on the panhandle area a 25" trout is the min benchmark for a Gator Trout. Around Charleston, I would say anything over 21" could be considered a Gator Trout. Stumpknocker is right on the money and 90% are loaners. They are smart and tend to feed on larger baits to include their own up to 8". Lots of good information on this topic on the web. My personal option is late April and May are you best chances in Charleston to catch a 21"+ trout.

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“and tend to feed on larger baits to include their own up to 8”." THIS. I fished years ago with a CF member that has since disappeared and was shocked at the size of the bait he was using to catch trout under a float. We both caught trout using mullet that was at least half the length of the trout. I would have sworn the bait was just too big. They are pretty voracious feeders I guess.

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