Fiddler Crab trap??

Wonder if this would work on fiddler crabs? Seems like it would… just load it up with a can a cat food and tuck it down in the right spot and cover it up with cammo so know one sees it.

Don’t think I’d waste time on a trap for fiddlers. Those things are way to easy to just grab up. We beached the boat on a remote spot in the beaufort area last week and the Granddaughter and I caught 40-50 in less than 10 min. I’d imagine if you had a little aquarium net it would make it even easier.

“Why Bruce?”

I think Capt Fritz is selling fiddler crab traps schematics now, hit him up.

Of you haven’t seen a youtube video on catching fiddler crabs you’re missing out. Pretty cool thing to see… I’ll attach a vid.

Obviously you probably won’t find this many but for a few weeks supply just set up some sort of small boundaries–pvc pipes etc.-- and a bucket where they come together. Just push/scare whatever them into that area and you’ll have a bucket full.

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that’s insane

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Best way to catch fiddlers is a broom and dust pan. Low tide at 9 to 11 am when ever it first starts to get really sunny out. Find a a sandy flat they frequent and they heard up for protection and sun to warm up at that time. Doesn’t work when its really cold out. The problem I have had is it seems fiddlers are on the decline around my area.

My backyard is a fiddler highway. Between the fiddlers and raising my dental floss…I can retire.

your not moving to Montana soon, are you