Fiddler crabs for this Sunday

Haddrells is out and not sure if they will have a shipment before Sunday, anyone know of a place I can check?, seems like no one other than Haddrells sells them?.. need some for Sunday morning

Try Henry’s on hwy.17 in Mt. Pleasant.

I’ve bought frozen Fiddlers there, before.

Just called Henry’s. They do have frozen Fiddlers.

Frozen sounds good to me, have used frozen sand flea’s and they worked , surely frozen fiddlers should?.. I’ll call them

One small problem, closed on Sunday, I can’t leave early on Saturday as my grandsons 1st b-day party is Saturday…… my daughter would would not be happy if I didn’t attend

Clams and oysters work too.

Go to Starvin Marvin seafood Dorchester rd and get bucket full of female blue crabs and cut them into quarters. Red fish black drum and sheep’s love them

I know Marvin’s well. If I go there for bait, chances are that I’m not going fishing…


How do you hook a quarters crab for Sheep’s?

I like to go there and pick out a fat Black Sea bass. Have them scale it gut and butterfly and fry it. It’s like a once every other week kinda thing. They ask the name and I usually tell them Cracker

Remove the back. Cut into quarters and remove all the legs& claws. I put the hook in thru the claw area or the back leg area I use a Carolina rig with about a 3” leader I chop up all the legs and claws and chum with them. I love to catch those 5-7 lb black drum. They eat sooo good!

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Oh yes. I put a ear plug slotted like used at the gun range about 10” before the hook to keep the bait just off the bottom

Thank you!!

Have to remember that.

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Next time you visit, ask them to fry you up a quart of fresh Oysters.

Best Oysters I’ve ever had!

They really do have good oysters. I know he tries to get Shallote N C when he can