fiddler crabs

I want to know if any where sells live fiddler crabs.or what and where the bedt ways to catch and save them.

Where are you located?

I’ve had success keeping them about a 5 gallon plastic container (used for storage usually). I poked a bunch of holes in the lid, put a thin layer of pluff mud, added a little bit of salt water from the local waters (not too much, maybe 8th of an inch of water) and then when it’s hot I make sure they are in full shade or in my shed (my shed tends to stay cool). If you don’t want to catch them then Haddrell’s has them. I can usually keep about a pint-worth alive in that plastic bin for several weeks (longer if I change out the water). I add a tiny tiny bit of fish food from my freshwater aquarium too.

Just don’t let them get too hot and have some saltwater & mud (mud has good bacteria in it). Not too hard. Fail to do that though and you’ll have a pretty bad smell in your back yard. Otherwise, I’ve also frozen leftover fiddlers and still use them for sheep the next time.