Fiddlers everywhere...

Just a quick vid of what my most reliable walk to flat looked like yesterday!
I’ve been doing this for awhile, and I’ve seen blankets of fiddlers…but yesterday was unreal. Its hard to capture on video, because as you walk, they run…but I did my best. These guys were everywhere…I could almost say 100% blanket over the entire flat!..I couldn’t believe it…I was just very excited as I knew once the tide rolled in, it was going to be a good night!
For those still hunting that 1st tail…exploring new flats…here’s the main thing I look for, right off some small feeders…fiddler crabs! :slight_smile:
Sorry for it being soo short…I thought it was longer when I was out there recording.

As for the fishing…no so great. Well, the fish were definitely there…I’d say in the ballpark of about 20-25 different tails, that I could see in my area…I’m positive the rest of the flat was just as active.
Me catching tails?..1 out of about 15 good opportunities! I was just goofing it up in the beginning, couldn’t get a fish to bite at all…and I was using cut bait!!!
Me fishing last night = fail.
When I did finally hook up, it was a nice fish! Fought well using light tackle.
Measured 27", and had 5 spots on one side, 4 on the other…beautiful fish. Fish was still green, and swam right away on contact with the water!
So, with all my fail attempts, at least it ended in a nice way.

now THAT got me excited! thanks for the post…

The Morris Island Lighthouse

Redfish Candy for sure

Bragging may not bring happiness,
but no man having caught a large fish,
goes home through the alley.

Nice catch!

That’s a massive amount of fiddler crabs! When they are running away and moving the grass you know they are thick in there.

The big guy

All I could think about was a bucket and two pieces of two by four.

Sheepshead Candy!!!

Originally posted by sand N suds

All I could think about was a bucket and two pieces of two by four.

ME TOO! like one of those money machines or something where you just throw yourself around like a ragdoll being greedy and getting as much as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

The Morris Island Lighthouse

thats alotta crabs

you look like zimmerman


^^mean, hurtful & true

you look like zimmerman
^^mean, hurtful & true

Ouch!, thanks guys…not nice!
Bad angle! lol

That is Zimmerman. You know he is out on bail and he likes to go out at night.