The time is now.

I have about 10,000 on the tree right now. Anybody is welcome to come get some.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

Surely y’all are putting them up for fig preserves later?

My wife picked 3 gallons this weekend from the tree in our yard, there will be several gallons to pick when I get home today.

Oh BTW, where are the game cam pics?

I’m living vicariously through yours at the moment!

Cameras have only been up for a week, plenty of coons and slickhead goats. Nothing to get excited about yet.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

10000? more like 20000. I gave mom and dad some and the grandkids got the rest. Thank you so much for sharing. You most certainly have the biggest fig tree I’ve ever seen! That thing is massive and loaded! Loved your dock too. You have a beautiful location. Close to everything, but sheltered from being crowded in. You are sitting on a Gold mine!

I still stand by on the Fox grapes. Don’t see them so much anymore, last I saw them was up near Branchville off the Edisto river. our native are, Muscadine, Southern Fox Grape, Scuppernong, ands Bullace…

I’ve never seen the fox grapes any bigger than what you have. Give em till the end of the month and they will be small and thick skinned but sweet and tasteful.

No figs on our tree but, it is a baby transplanted from a huge fig tree transplanted from my wife’s childhood home in Rock Hill. We had to net fencing around it to keep the deer from eating all the leaves. Growing quickly now but looking good. I reckon it will be a few years before it actually produces. My Dad loved figs so I think about him whenever I see a fig tree.

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The consensus is in from Clemson. My fig tree is officially…the second biggest in South Carolina. I was hoping for the biggest, but second place will have to do for now. Based on the points system that they use for identifying “Champion Trees” my fig came in a 43.56 points. There is one in Lexington that is 50.75 points. Points are calculated from height, width and truck circumference. I guess I’ll have to start fertilizing it!

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

Not taking anything away from that large specimen, but in order to get an exact measurement , a diameter tape is required, not a tape measure!

A diameter tape (D-tape) is a measuring tape used to estimate the diameter of a cylinder object, typically the stem of a tree or pipe. A diameter tape has either metric or imperial measurements reduced by the value of π. This means the tape measures the diameter of the object. It is assumed that the cylinder object is a perfect circle. The diameter tape provides an approximation of diameter; most commonly used in dendrometry.

And get that dam greenbrier out of there, don’t just cut it, you have to remove the rhizome. The longer you let it go, the harder it is to remove, ask me how I know.

Also which Trunk did he measure. I still think you have the biggest! I’m not so sure about the Clemson agent, figure he didn’t recognize a Fox Grape.

Those briars can be a pain… got em in my azaleas. Pollys spot on if you don’t remove the root Bulb… Some of those things are massive, I’ve even seen people make pipes out of them.

You are correct. The Clemson guy had one that he used along with a couple of other neat tools. Too much math for my brain. Me, I like an old fashioned tape measurer. At least that way, I know what I’m looking at.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

Still a ton of figs if anyone wants some before they all get mushy and nasty.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017