Filling the Cooler

Went out after the hurricane and filled up the cooler. We didn’t “pack” it like we’d usually try to due to some engine issues as the night went on, but hey, we split the cooler and got to pop heads!

Maybe that cooler weather or the hurricane increased the numbers… dont’ know.


Good deal. One of the very few “full cooler” posts I have seen this year. Not much better than a fresh caught shrimp.

we would have loved to packed it tight, but with the motor acting up, it was time to call it and not get stranded in BB.

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watch that “packing tight” thing. Was at the Grey’s Hill ramp about 15 years ago and watched DNR dump a cooler and measure it. Old boy had about 6 quarts over. He was using a piece of 3/4 ply wood with a handle on it that he would use to push them down. I think the real reason DNR targeted this guy was that he was reported as bringing in a cooler earlier and on his second so they were looking for something to get him on. Probably never get checked for this… Just saying.

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