Finally a fat Trout!!

My best spot produced a 19 inch trout late yesterday.Water was murky and I was looking for a red to hit.Nice fat healthy trout released to bite again.Live finger mullet Carolina rigged.Guess now i am fired up and will hit the Stono again.:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome Joe, glad to hear the trout seem to be doing a little better. I’ve seen a few good reports. I really think self policing and releasing this past season are helping the population. Imagine, without any new LAWS being passed. See you soon at Bessis’s.


Nice, Joe! Big trout like big baits! Glad your fired up for osme fishing!
I agree LEG, but I think if we keep releasing AND have a mild winter, we’ll be in better shape. I don’t think we are out of the woods until we have a “normal” winter.

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Bunches-o-trout yesterday but only 2 were in slot. few reds with only 1 in slot. All caught on live shrimp. Good shrimping too without baiting. Small cooler for the big boys and my table, rest frozen for fall/spring bait along with the mullet.

If it ain’t broke…let me try!

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