Finally caught some dinner

Hit the Wando at incoming tide with finger mullet, live shrimp, and some frozen sand fleas(for sheephead).
I quickly caught a rat red, then while rigging up another bait for the back of the boat my wife brings this baby in! 20" flounder on finger mullet carolina rig. I always catch these on accident. Of coarse we tried to find more, but only got this one. tried some sand fleas around structure but no dice. It was a beautiful day on the water. First time this summer i’ve seen so many Police and DNR boats checking people and I’m fishing weekly. Hopefully everybody had all safety gear and checked out.
BTW, wife didn’t want to take the picture with the fish because it was too bloody so she made me.

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Very nice! We are talking about an afternoon trip ourselves today. Hope this wind lays down or we may just stick close to the house today. Still, good stuff man, thanks for sharing!

I managed one flat head and nothing else. We did mostly riding. put in on 17a on Asheepoo and ran it out to otter island and then Edisto beach. We got to see something Breech the water near bennet’s point (thinking a sturgeon), then we see the nose of this boat right by the landing.

that white thing is the nose of a boat that sunk.


Good deal on the flounder. Like you, I only seem to catch flounder “by accident”. I love them but have never specifically targeted them. When I have caught them, it is usually while bumping a jig head along the bottom with a mud minnow on it.

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Flounder are a trick to target! I like to use a Carolina rig. With a long leader and a mud minnow Move the rig every few minutes but keep enough tension to stay in touch with what’s happening. If you feel a little bump wait a fewseconds just lift the rod and see if their is weight. Then set the hook. They often just stay still after taking a bait because they are already home. Sorry that someone polluted your thread by correcting and heckling. I’m surprised that that boat is still there bow up. Is it leaking fuel?

Hammered, it was brought to my attention that someone thinks I’ve highjacked your thread, not in the least. I sincerely hope you do not feel this way. This was not my intent at all. After the callus comments that were made on a thread I shared my fathers passing I don’t want to start any new fishing posts with such inhuman trolls allowed to run rampant. You shared a good day and I was only trying to complement it.

Edit. No way a little catfish can compete with a flounder anyway. :ok_hand:

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Fred, anyone that has been around here for a while knows the troll only posts to cause problems and stir up trouble

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Fred, It’s all good man I enjoy any and all comments on any of my threads. I just like to share my experiences and enjoy all of yours. Thanks for sharing. I am also surprised that boat is there. You all have a good week. I’ll be trying again either Friday afternoon or Saturday.
Tight Lines!

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Great example of how to be a Gentleman…

Now get on-board with-it rubes!

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