Finally got a break

Got out Saturday and the weather was very mild and breezy. Early strike with flounders after flounders. First strike I wasn’t patient enuf but shortly after I was dragging a few to the boat

Now don’t look at the smaller of the 4 that was released. The other three were 18" to 21". The one belly up was the Nice. Been months since hitting the waters but it felt great. 3 reds that were tagged but no Trout but managed to have a brief conversation with Optiker and friend.

Sunday started a little slow but managed a 19" Trout and a few reds but no flounders. Either way had a wonderful weekend with tight lines.


Glad to see a report from you, always tearing them up!

Thanks for the good report and pics

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Great report. Fun to read

Dang, that’s great!

Finding the flatties is a challenge, you seem to be the lead guy of the posters anyway. Thanks for the report and pix.

Looks like you have not lost your touch Sir. Any I have ever caught are by accident. Great day on the water!

You know it must be getting to be Fall, when you see your buddy out fishing the brackish! Always good to see you my friend! KOBP.

Nice work @fatrat357! I love this time of year. My company has a new work from home policy this year. Three days in the office and two at home! Cant wait to be “Home” on the Wando!

Thanks fellows, this is the time of year I really enjoy fishing. Time to put up boats and the rivers are wake free from boaters having a good time. Man its hard trying to follow this site. See a few of you soon

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My man, The King! Welcome back again and way to go on the flounders… I always look for you in Goose Creek when im there too. See you around soon enough im sure