Finally Got the Reds!

Went out to the jetties and had a great morning. Casted close to the rocks with a 1 oz. weight connected to a 20 lb test liter and slowly reeled in the line parallel with the rocks. Hooked up on 4 redfish (3 keepers), 2 nice flounder (both keepers), tons of black sea bass (2 keepers), a lady fish (fun fight), an amberjack and a few shark.

Good deal! Those are good eatin’ size reds. Nice thick fillets. I need to start fishing the jetties.

Hydra-Sports 22 Bay Sport
225 Rude

What bait we’re yall throwing?

Bragging may not bring happiness,
but no man having caught a large fish,
goes home through the alley.

Did you lose a lot of tackle with those 1oz weights?

14’TARPON 100 paddlepower