Finally slimed the new yak.

Talked the wife into letting me fish this morning. Put in at Bowens but stayed pretty close to the landing due to the wind. Only got to fish one dock since the wind was blowing 20 mph. Managed to land 3 fish. 2 small reds and a blue fish in about an hour. All caught on fresh shrimp on a Carolina rig. Nothing touched the mm under a popping cork. This was my first fish in the new Ride135. On the way back to the landing I was actually going backwards the wind was so strong.

2014 Wilderness Systems Ride 135

1995 Searay 175 Series

Nice, at least the skunk is off now. Now get off the computer and go change that diaper!

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”.

Congrats on the slime!