Finally some range time

My second favorite DNR range.

I forgot I had this m&p COR performance center 40 cal. If somebody interested I take $500 for it. Less than 100 rounds down the pipe.


Where the heck is that range? Sounds like something you’d find in Florida.

South Carolina but it does sound like it should be in Florida

Man, that’s out in the boonies.

That is some serious fire power there.

Sure is. A lot of land was donated in that area to DNR. A huge DNR presence around that area. Just North of there is Hamilton Ridge, there used to be 8 to 10 loggers constantly in that area. Much planted pine. Used to be some major hogs running the Savannah river basin. Haven’t been up that way in a bit.

I see guys frequently out there hog hunting just before the bridge on the South Carolina side.

There was a group out there last time with several hogs on the back of their trucks.
DNR was checking him out.